Questions and Answers


We are a shared-use Orange County Health Department-certified kitchen facility.


We provide six separate kitchens for hourly use. Each kitchen is fully certified to produce food for sale. When you reserve a kitchen, that kitchen is exclusively yours for the entire
reservation time.

What if I don't finish during my reserved kitchen time?

Use of kitchen space during non-reserved time will be billed at our highest hourly fee. The Hood Kitchen Space will make reasonable efforts to provide access for clients' use at times reserved and scheduled by the client. Please make sure when scheduling you are allowing enough time for prep, cook and clean up. Repeated violations may result in loss of kitchen privileges.

Can I reserve in less than one-hour increments?

You must reserve time in minimum one-hour increments. If you anticipate a 7-½ hour usage you must book for 8 hours.

I want my kids to help out. Is there a minimum age for your kitchen?

No child younger than 14 may be in the kitchen at any time. Children are expected to remain with you in your reserved kitchen. When it comes to workers' compensation, there are certain tasks workers under 18 can not execute such as operating machinery and there are restrictions on the hours of the day they can work. A good resource if you have questions is

If my business requires special equipment, can I bring it in and leave it there?

Most likely, yes. We will have to find the appropriate space for it and make sure that your equipment meets city code requirements. Simply e-mail us with the equipment specs and we will let you know how we can accommodate you and what the storage rates will be.

How do I make an appointment to tour the facility?

We have weekly time slots available for kitchen tours. Please contact to set up a tour. We meet with all newly registered clients to go over the facility and discuss getting started in detail. We cannot accommodate individual tours of the facility by guests. People are at work in the kitchens and it is unfair to interrupt their work.

Where do I make a reservation? Can I call?

All reservations are made and paid for online through our scheduling system.