Certified Commercial Kitchen Rentals

The Hood Kitchen Space, an Orange County Health Department-certified commercial kitchen space in Costa Mesa, California, offering culinary professionals and entrepreneurs a reliable space on a 24/7 basis.

The Hood Kitchen Space is owned and operated by successful local personal Chefs Shelby Coffman and Christie Frazier. Having run a successful food business in Orange County, Shelby and Christie understand what goes into owning and operating a food business.

It was this past experience that drove them to build The Hood Kitchen Space. They not only wanted to build a reliable, dependable, clean kitchen space, they wanted to build a community where like-minded food entrepreneurs could network, promote, and develop strong food businesses.

Giving back and creating a strong community is a priority at The Hood Kitchen Space. In keeping with this practice, The Hood Kitchen Space offers its chefs and cooks the opportunity to use local, sustainable food and practices. They've selected Orange County artisans and family owned businesses to supply The Hood Kitchen Space's larders with fresh, seasonal, and organic ingredients.

Shelby and Christie are excited to support and be a part of the growing group of Orange County food entrepreneurs and chefs finding success at The Hood Kitchen Space