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Costa Mesa, CA (June 12, 2013) – The Hood Kitchen Space, a provider of high quality commercial kitchen space, available for rent 24x7, is not only home to food start up companies and caterers, it’s also home away from home for Executive Chefs in need of a test kitchen or additional kitchen space.


“We are excited to offer restaurants an offsite kitchen for recipe development, interviewing new chefs, training staff, fine tuning recipes, showcasing new dishes, and more” said Christie Frazier of The Hood Kitchen Space. The Hood Kitchen offers Orange County restaurants and their chefs an alternative for expanding their kitchens and opportunities. "The Hood Kitchen is like none other. It allows us to be more efficient by centralizing production for our food truck, restaurant and offsite catering, but most importantly, allows room for us to grow," said Stephanie Morgan of Seabirds Truck.


The Hood Kitchen is a unique environment, built to accommodate the niche requirements of a test kitchen. Gina Galvan of Mood For Food, a leading consulting firm known for producing iconic food innovations and developing new products, uses The Hood to develop new concepts and recipes, as well as showcase products to potential clients. “The Hood Kitchen is the perfect space for restaurant business development and testing, plus it’s a great place to bring clients. The Hood has surpassed all my expectations,” said Gina Galvan.


“Over the past couple of months, The Hood Kitchen has seen an increase in business from restaurants and food trucks looking to use the facility as an over-flow kitchen for prep, production or for large off site catered events,” said Shelby Coffman of The Hood Kitchen. Elbows Mac n Cheese is a great example of a restaurant augmenting their kitchen space by using The Hood. Elbows Mac n Cheese has a successful restaurant located in Cerritos, CA, but uses The Hood Kitchen to supplement the catering side of their business.  By cooking out of The Hood Kitchen, Elbows is able to easily cater large events without negatively impacting their restaurant kitchen.  


Visit www.thehoodkitchen.com to learn more about The Hood Kitchen.


About The Hood Kitchen Space

The Hood Kitchen Space is 5400 square feet of Orange County Health Department-certified commercial kitchen space in Costa Mesa, CA, with six fully equipped kitchens, available on a 24x7 basis.


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